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KENT AESSIE  is a Canadian musician & songwriter currently residing in Cold Lake, Alberta.
Kent also owns ΔΞ§§IΞ ΔUDIO, a recording studio that's capable of progressing any Multi-Media project.

Much of Kent's song writing & audio recording journey is spent supporting Northeastern Alberta Lakeland Blues band's Beyond Blue and DON'T PANIC!. While not engaged in those two projects Kent pushes his own recording studio boundaries with Ten Foot Tuque   (Hard Rock) and Point To Polaris  (Thrash Metal).

Kent has successfully captured all the atmosphere that is the Lakeland Region of Northeastern Alberta and infused each project with locally brewed heavy hitting original music that showcases a very positive & unpredictable music experience, especially when performed LIVE. While the music is not necessarily genre specific, it is fuelled by a foundation of technical multi-genre guitar formats such as Blues, Folk, Rock 'n Roll, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.

Beyond Blue  during a late night jam session with guest, Bruce Cassar-Torreggiani @ Beantrees CafĂ©
  Jennifer Cassar-Torreggiani - 7th Nov 2019

Kent's continuous work as Guitarist & Vocalist for both Beyond Blue and DON'T PANIC! have them currently working towards studio albums to milestone The 2nd Annual Bonnyville Fine Arts "Rockin' The Blues 2020 Concert" which will be held @ Bonnyville's Ecole Notre Dame High School on 18th January 2020.

Ten Foot Tuque (R) and Grant Watton (L) Power Trio @ The Grande Parlour | Performance Art & Theatre
  Suzanne Aessie - 24th Nov 2018

January 2019's concert was a HUGE success as Kent successfully took a willing Power Trio and delivered his 3rd album of Ten Foot Tuque songs to a +300 capacity audience @ Bonnyville's Lyle Victor Albert Center. (All proceeds helped inject the funding of a new Bonnyville Performance Arts Theatre)
Ten Foot Tuque Power Trio during the 1st Annual Bonnyville Fine Arts "Rockin' The Blues Concert"
  Marie Ilchuk - January 2019

Among the many personal recording sessions, Kent and ΔΞ§§IΞ ΔUDIO independently released & distributed 4x studio albums:

Kent is known for being very flexible on stage and in the studio. He has a focused & humble attitude that is passionate, dedicated & committed to creating an original and positive music experience. If you can catch a glimpse of Kent away from his musical endeavours you'll find him immersed with family & friends; living a western lifestyle of deep powder snow sports, fishing, boating and enjoying music by roaring fires with like-minded friends.

Beyond Blue
(Acoustic Blues & Light Classic Rock)

Kent - Vocals, Acoustic & Resonator Guitars
Perry Gaumond - Harmonica
(Electrified Blues & Light Classic Rock)

Kent - Vocals, Electric & Resonator Guitars
Perry Gaumond - Harmonica
Fraser Munro- Bass
Mike Preston - Drums
Ten Foot Tuque
(Electrified Blues & Light/Hard Rock)
Kent - All instruments & Tech

Point To Polaris
(Thrash/Prog Heavy Metal)
Kent - All instruments & Tech