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The Offside Hooligans


The Offside Hooligans existed for a short period of time, circa 2014. However, during that period amazing music was created and usually all via impromptu jam sessions. Raw, high energy shows were imminent, but they couldn't have been more mistaken...
Likely a clash of lifestyles or maybe early success, but one thing for sure no one really understood what the hell to do with all the raw energy they were harnessing. Either way, it didn't last much longer than a year and from whatever transpired out of the project at least the band's short foray of trail blazing hard rock & metal was recorded, therefore forever preserved.

After 4 years, the music managed to resurface. Following brief discussions & listening sessions the mixes were felt good enough to send off for mastering and if they came back noticeably better then plan B would be put into affect. Well, no surprise... the mastered tracks came back awashed in ENORMOUS fidelity and so it was decided a 7x song hard rock/metal album full of wicked original spontaneous combustion would be released to the masses.

And so... Here We Are Together Again!

The Offside Hooligans .:. Off The Cuff

Chris (Dizz) Desilets: Lyrics & Vocals
Kent Aessie: Guitar
Taras Babiuk: Bass
Mike Preston: Drums