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Stage Performance Tips for Singers + What You Should Never Do

Making a successful go in any form of live entertainment typically involves performing on stage. There are a lot of cool things you can do on stage while performing as well as things you should never do.

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Article by Chris Grayston @
Photo by Israel Palacio on Unsplash unsplash-logoIsrael Palacio

DIs, IRs, CabSims, Fortin NTS

Sending Jackson's X Series Soloist™ Archtop SLAT7 MS through a signal path comparing:

1) Yamaha's THR100H output + OwnHammer IR (OH 412 MAR+MES V30 PROG-05)
2) Mackie ONYX 1640i DI + Fortin NTS Suite
3) Radial ProDI + Fortin NTS Suite
4) Radial JDI + Fortin NTS Suite
5) THR100H Spkr Out w/ H&K RedBox5 Cab Sim
6) THR100H Spkr Out w/ Behringer UltraG Cab Sim

Spotify's "Best Advice"

Music's biggest give tips on career and creativity

Highest Quality Audiophile Music

Listen for the quality, stay for the song.

Yes, it won't compare to the non-compressed WAV/AIFF version, but YouTube's compression algorithm (likely 128kbps) isn't half bad.

Combating Stage Fright

Stage Fright. Performance Anxiety. Shakes & Jitters...

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